The 'Box Flipper' was created by Nick Plaetz.

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Pro II                                   Pro I

Our Pro II is the latest, fastest and most popular Pro-Chute.  It snaps onto your seed box in under 5 seconds, without looking underneath to line up brackets.

Our Pro I is a smaller version of the Pro II

222DP 222SP

222DP                               222SP

Use these stands with your Pro-Chute I or II


222D                                    222S

Tired of chasing empty seed bags on windy days?  Go bulk!

The Bulk Seed Stands work well to fill your individual row unit boxes or central fill planters.  You can also use the chutes to put the seed in the auger or conveyor that is on your planter or drill or use a seed vac.

(Stand Systems with Vac)

1 Stand 2 stands 3 Stands

Tired of chasing empty seed bags on windy days?  Go bulk!

The Bulk Seed Stand Systems come with at least one, 2 box stand and Seed Vac.  You can order as many Bulk Seed Stands to fit whatever will fit on your Trailer or Truck.

11 hp Honda

We are a supplier for Christianson Seed Vacs.  The Christianson Seed Vac is among one of the best choices to fill or empty your planter.

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Our B2B Treater is used for box to box treating of seed. The B2B Seed Treater is currently used for innoculatants and all growth promoting products for Corn, Soybeans, and Small Grains.  Many of our customers have reported that they also have used B2B Treater for FST/IST products on Soybeans.

We currently have the following used equipment for sale:

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